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our Upgraded Digital Banking Experience is now live!

Get ready for a superior digital banking journey with a faster, simpler, and more user-friendly interface, coupled with advanced security measures and enriched account capabilities.

New Digital Banking

Key Features:

  1. Forgot Password functionality on Mobile and Web clients.
  2. Change Password option on Mobile and Web clients.
  3. Create secondary shares without visiting our branches.
  4. Apply for loans through Mobile and Web clients.
  5. Updated 2FA (2 Factor Authentication) methods.
  6. Streamlined experience for mobile-only users.

What Stays the Same: While we bring you these exciting updates, rest assured that your account number, routing number, checks, bill pay-payees, and Debit/Credit Cards will remain unchanged. The core elements you rely on will stay consistent, but you can anticipate a refreshed look and feel for a more enjoyable online and mobile experience.

Digital Banking Walkthroughs: 

Digital Banking Upgrade: First-Time Login

Signing Up

Logging In & Navigating the App

Digital Transactions

Digital Services

Mobile Banking User Guides


Although, on the surface, passcodes may appear less secure than traditional passwords, passcodes on trusted devices are highly secure because they:

  • Tie authentication to the specific device (meaning someone would need physical access to your cell phone in order to log in)

  • Use advanced encryption (public-key cryptography)

  • Utilize biometric authentication

  • Provide protection against phishing attacks since, unlike Passwords, they cannot be used on another device to access your account

Your Share/Loan ID is the 4-digit number associated with your share or loan. In our digital banking, you will see this listed in the format S00XX or L00XX. 

If you have logged into our online or mobile banking prior to our digital banking upgrade, you will use your existing username and password.

If you do not remember your username or password, you can select the "Forgot?" option, which will guide you through recovering this information.

Yes. If you haven't already accessed our new platform, our old app will guide you through the process of downloading the new app.

Or, download the new app here: 

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security measure used to protect your online accounts. Instead of just relying on a password to verify your identity, 2FA adds an extra layer of security by requiring a second method of identification. For more information on setting up 2FA, check out our Authentication Options Guide!

Our decision to upgrade our apps was driven by our previous platform reaching "end of life" for support and updates and the desire to continue to provide secure digital banking options for our members.

We understand that the growing pains of moving to a new platform can be frustrating, but we are here and happy to help as you learn to navigate our new platform with added features and functionality!