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SCCU Text Banking

Now, you can bank wherever you have cell phone service. Use text message banking to request information about your checking, savings and loan accounts. You can even transfer money within your account on the go. Getting the information you need is simple when it's received within seconds on your phone.

  • Access your accounts anytime, anywhere you have cell service
  • All you need is a cell phone with SMS (texting) capabilities*
  • Free to all SCCU members enrolled in online banking
  • 128 bit encryption keeps you secure when connected to SCCU
  • Once you're enrolled, logging in and out is not required

How It Works

Once you're enrolled in Text (SMS) Banking you can:

  • Send us a text message to request the information you need
  • Get a text message reply right away from us
  • Receive balance and transaction information within seconds
  • Transfer money within your account

By texting simple commands to SCCU you'll receive information about your account in just seconds.

Text Banking Enrollment

  1. Log in to the mobile banking website
    The mobile banking website can be viewed on your mobile device or on a desktop computer web browser if your mobile device does not support web browsing.
  2. Select “Mobile Banking” from the menu.
  3. Enter your Online Banking Account Number and Password.
  4. Select “Text Banking” from the menu.
  5. Select “add a mobile number”.
  6. Read and accept the text banking mobile banking Terms and Conditions.
  7. Enter a valid mobile phone number and click "Continue". You will receive a text message within a few minutes stating:
    A Text Banking enrollment text message has just been sent to your device from the Text Banking Short Code "41411". To complete the enrollment process, please reply to this text with "Y" to confirm that you wish to enroll this device. You will then receive a "Welcome" text message confirming the enrollment of your device. Next you will receive a text message with a verification code. Please enter the verification code in the field below. Please allow a minute for these text messages to arrive to your device.

Congratulations, your phone is now enrolled into text mobile banking!

*Your services provider’s standard texting rates will apply.

Request Codes:
Text to: 41411
In Message type:
sccu b = balances
sccu h = history
sccu h acct = recent history for acct
sccu help = help
sccu quit = unsubscribe
sccu X source dest amount = transfer amount from source share/loan to destination share/loan
Example transfer from regular savings to checking (sccu x s000 s0003 $5.00)

Account Suffixes
Regular Savings ? 0000
Checking Account ? 0003
Vacation Club ? 0008
Christmas Club ? 0009
Revolving Line of Credit ? 0007

Examples of requests and responses:

Fetch all balances request: Fetch recent transaction for share S0001 request:
To: 41411 To: 41411
Message: "SCCU B" Message: "SCCU H"
Response: Response:
04/13 01:50 pm S0001 history:
BAL: 04/19 ($20.76) Withdrawal
S0001: $6,371.04 02/20 $5.76 Deposit INTE
S0005: $3,160.48 01/19 $5.91 Deposit INTE
S0006: $4,939.52 01/25 $9.99 Deposit KIOS
L0001: $5,002.99 01/24 $2.07 Deposit KIOS
L0002: $129,994.05  
Fetch recent transactions request: Transfer $100 from share S000 to loan L0001:
To: 41411 To: 41411
Message: "SCCU H" Message: "SCCU X S0000 L0001 100"
Response: Response: 
history: Transfer of $100.00 from S0000 to L0001 completed.
04/20 S0005 $9.95 Deposit KIOS New Balances:
04/19 S0001 ($20.76) Withdrawal S0000: $100,283.79
04/19 S0005 2.91 Deposit INTE L0001: $100.00
03/15 L0002 $100.00 Deposit KI  
03/02 S0006 $5.00 Deposit KIOS Confirmation #: 1000000116